Charlie Hunter Photography

New York State

I was born in Ithaca and raised in Elmira and so I am lucky to call the Finger Lakes home. Ithaca is the second of my two favorite places on Earth, the first being Provincetown. Ithaca has the same soul lifting and inspiring feeling to it that Provincetown does with it’s amazing farmers market set on the lake, the plethora of waterfalls and swimming holes and it’s general all around feeling that you are one with the world. Elmira is the sleepy town where I was raised and although I wasn’t able to see it when I was growing up, it is a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills and which inspired the great Mark Twain both romantically and artistically. In general, the beauty in New York is more subtle than the beauty on the coast and it encourages me to really relax my ‘thinking’ mind in order to let my subconscious see better.