Charlie Hunter Photography

Abstract, Light, and Shadow

My ability to create a picture out of a setting is largely a result of letting go and allowing my subconscious to guide me. Photography IS light so it’s only natural that it draws me to lighting situations that are interesting: sometimes the ‘golden hours’ around sunrise and sunset and sometimes in times of high contrast when the stark light is falling in direct contrast to the dark shadows just millimeters away. Light and shadow are two pieces of the same whole and I find their connection beautiful.

I also find, when looking at photos that I have taken, that my mind has managed to find some geometry in the scene that I hadn’t even realized consciously, for instance with lines intersecting in some manner that is pleasing, sometimes mirroring and sometimes in contrast with one another. There is probably some greater theme or pattern to the geometry in my photographs but I haven’t figure out what it is yet! These pieces, though made up of natural parts of the world, turn into abstract forms when looked at in just the right way.